What is Remy hair? And what is human hair?

The term "Remy hair "was brought into the hair market  many years ago by hair raw material suppliers to differentiate cuticles aligned hair and non- cuticle aligned hair and it is being used since.

But as to what is real Remy hair and what's the difference between Remy hair and human hair , there are many different explanations and answers from hair shops . For example, Pauls Hair World described Remy hair as"the cuticle won't be stripped", Luxy Hair described Remy hair as"the hair has been sorted ...to ensure all the cuticles are of the same length." , Sleek hair described Remy hair as "the outer layer of the hair ( the cuticles) is retained and remains in the same direction".

As per our deep knowledge of human hair extensions,  Sleek hair has given the most accurate answer for what Remy hair really mean in the hair industry, although with colour process, the cuticles can be damaged and high sophisticated colouring techniques are highly required to keep the cuticles perfectly retained, poor colouring  can always cause severe damages to the Remy hair cuticles , so buy Remy hair from the well known brands such as Sleek hair's Remy Couture, Style Icon, Hair Couture Triple Weft are highly recommended.

Then again what's the difference between Remy hair and Human hair ?

 Let's go back to Skeek Hair's explanation of Remy Hair "...(cuticles )remains in the same direction", this point is the real core meaning of Remy hair in the hair industry and this is how the hair raw material suppliers charge their prices based on Remy and non-remy human hair .Surely Remy hair is far more expensive than non-Remy human hair.

 The reason of Remy hair is far more expensive is because how to keep the cuticles to face the same direction , means to keep all the hair roots and ends the same as when cut off a donor's hair while going through washing, dyeing , sizing, sewing onto the hair extension wefts?

 A very strict process has to follow to keep the ends and roots facing the same direction as when it is cut off and this is the key point to apply for a real piece of Remy hair . But what's good for a piece of Remy hair extensions  and why Remy extension is better than human hair? Say Hair Cuticles shape looks like your nail shape, it keeps all the moistures to make your hair smooth and soft silky, if the cuticles are damaged, like your nails are damaged, your hair will become rough, so imagine all your nails put together facing down in the same direction and you feel them downwards, it's smooth. Now turn some of your nails up, keep some still downwards, feel them again, you can feel the upwards nails are stopping your hand going down, it's called friction . So is the same with a piece of Human hair extension. 

Remy hair cuticles face the same direction , thus smooth, less tangling, less friction ,easy to comb . Non-Remy Human hair cuticles are up and down, thus more likely has friction when wearing and combing , but friction and tangle in human hair extensions can be reduced with proper maintenance .

How to maintain your Remy and human hair extensions? 

 As it's explained by Paul's hair world and Sleek hair, cuticles are very important in a piece of hair extension quality, maintain your hair extension is to maintain the hair cuticles healthy. Nutrition for the extension hair is essential as the hair is no more alive ,how can the hair extension last?  When your skin is rough and dry , how can you make it smooth and soft? The answer is moisture nutrition ! The skin needs moisture so is the hair extension . What do you use to keep your own hair smooth and silky, it’s to use Hair Conditioner , plenty of hair conditioner.  So here is the tips of how to maintain your human hair extensions :

1. Wash with light shampoo ,then rinse with warm water, avoid harsh twisting of the hair. 

2. Add Hair Conditioner to the hair, leave for a while. Rinse it.

3. Add conditioner again , leave for a while, rinse again.

4. Repeat adding conditioner process until you feel your hair extensions are soft and smooth again.

This "conditioner" repeat process is the treatment of recovering the damaged hair cuticles to make your hair extensions last longer.

 This is the secret of maintaining your hair extensions well .